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  2.   Shandong fin CNC Machinery Co Ltd

    INTERNATIONAL DEPARTMENT 1 ( Covers East Asia, South Asia, Australia and America )
    CONTACT: Mr. Zhiqiang Zhou (Director of International Dept. 1)
    Mobile: 0086-13583114159
    TEL: 0086-531-88872502
    FAX: 0086-531-88875516
    E-mail: fincm-int@fincm.com
    ADD: Room No. 611, No. 389, Tianchen Street, High-tech Development Zone, Jinan, China
    Postcode: 250101

    Contact person: Ms. Li JinXia (Director of International Dept. 2)
    Sales Area: Western Asia; Middle Asia; Middle-East; Europe; Africa; Community of Independent States (CIS)

    Company: Shandong fin CNC Machinery Co Ltd
    Mobi: 13573460911
    Tel: 086- 0534-2667072
    Fax: 086- 0534-2667072
    E-Mail: info@fayin.com
    ADD: Ji'nan High-tech Zone Tianchen Street No. 389
    SHANDONG FIN CNC MACHINE CO., LTD., located in high-tech development zone of Jinan city, is a high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese Government. FIN is mainly engaged in development, manufacture and sale of optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments. The purpose of FIN is to timely and promptly track international new technologies and make continuous innovation in technology for manufacturing high-grade equipments; to advance the level of equipment manufacture industry with information technology and actively design optical, mechanical and electronic integration CNC equipments for improving national industry. Focusing on the industries of steel construction, electric power gridconstruction, electric power generation and heavy automobile which have greater influences in national economy and people’s livelihood, FIN is devoted to develop key complete set of technology and CNC machines.

    FIN has its concentrated products and distinctive main lines of business. Its dominant products are series of complete set of CNC machines used in steel construction industry which are mainly used in processing of profile bars, plates and wire bars. FIN products effectively substitute the similar imported machines. FIN present dominant products can be divided into three categories i.e. complete set of CNC machines for tower steel structure, complete set of CNC machines for construction steel structure and complete set of CNC machines for large steel plates. With digital operation programs, FIN's products can process the steel profile bar and steel plate by drilling, punching, milling, cutting, sawing and marking etc. FIN’s machines can realize multi-function, multi-procedure continuous production which fully embodies CNC machine’s characteristics, that is integration, composition, high efficiency, largeness and flexibility. This is also the main developing trend of international CNC equipment industry. Through 10 years of assiduous effort, many products of FIN were ranked international Science & Technology Cooperative Project, Science & Technology Conquest Project, “Torch Program” Execution Project, Nation-Grade Important New Product Project and also had gotten Science & Technology Improvement Prizes many times. FIN was awarded as the advanced, sincere and trustworthy enterprise by Jinan municipality and Shandong Province.

    Downstream industry FIN serves and market position of FIN

    The main industry that FIN provides service to is steel construction industy which has the unexampled advantages: environmental protection, energy saving, good earthquake resistance, high intensity and can be finished in short time. The steel construction is widely used both in domestic and international market. Besides steel construction industry, FIN’s machines can be also extended to other industries to process the parts similar to those used in steel construction industry. The other industries are as follows: equipment for generating electricity industry, central refrigeration industry, desalinization of seawater industry, heavy vehicle industry, petrochemical industry, equipment for processing stone industry, construction machinery & equipment, mine machinery, construction equipment and port machinery industry, with totally more than 200 kinds of products. With the continuous development of steel construction industry, many big customers bought machines from FIN in succession and used for key national construction projects (Three Gorges Project, Olympic venues, large bridges and high-rises ), which provides an excellent assurance of the quality of large-scale production. The customers are as follows: Bao Steel Ltd., Shougang Group, Ma Steel, Laigang, Guan Da Er, Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Stock Limited, Jing Gong Steel, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd., China Railway Turnout & Bridge Co., Ltd. Dongfang Electric Corporation Limited, Zhe Jiang Sheng Da, China First Heavy Industries, North Heavy Industries Group, Shanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and BEHLEN. FIN’s machines have been providing effective quality guarantee for their large-scale production, and at the same time this situation promotes FIN’s development greatly. While meeting the customer’s requirment, FIN has been developing rapidly. In the past three years, FIN’s market share takes up more than 62.14% in Chinese market with an average annual growth rate of about 40%, which makes FIN be a real incontrovertible leader in complete set of CNC machines used in steel construction manufacture industry.

    Technology innovation is the key of FIN’s core competence.

    FIN always adheres to make the technological innovation as the guide and constantly strengthen the integration of the digital information technology and the equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore FIN formed the capacity of developing both hardware and software and the innovating ability of system integration, which is the key of FIN’s core competence. Now FIN has 4design and developing departments with about 200 technical persons. FIN has already obtained 61patents, 15software copyrights and a number of proprietarytechnologies and at the same time FIN has drafted 4national standards. The continuous accumulation of technology establishes good quality of FIN's products. All of FIN's main products have achieved the CAD / CAM direct conversion which eliminates the bother of programming and entering, and ensure the no-paper drawing processing of CNC equipments. At the same time, a part of CNC machines have the function of real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, etc, which greatly facilitate the customer's use and maintenance.

    Product marketing and after-sales service

    In order to promote the marketing and after sales service work, FIN has founded Sales Companies, and divided domestic market into Northeast Sales Branch Company, Northern China Sales Branch Company, Taiyuan Sales Branch Company, Northwest Sales Branch Company, Jinan Sales Branch Company, Nanjing Sales Branch Company, Shanghai Sales Branch Company, Southwest Sales Branch Company, Southern China Sales Branch Company and Wuhan Sales Branch Company. The oversea market is divided into International Department 1 and International Department 2. Through special management people, FIN effectively strengthened the contact with its new and former regular clients and improved the service quality and speed of service for customers. By virtue of FIN's technology advantages, FIN will continue to enhance the service of supplying customers with complete set of CNC processing solutions and will take technology as the starting point to increase the depth and breadth of marketing and continue to enhance client’s degree of recognition and satisfactory.

    The production base of FIN complete set of CNC machines for steel construction industry is under building now

    Entering into 2007, FIN has requisitioned a new land which is 158,000 sq.m in high-tech development zone,has been planing to build a new production base for manufacturing complete set of CNC machines for steel construction industry in two years. This project gets hold of the vigorous support from the local government and it was listed as 2008 key project of Shandong province. After the new production base is finished, it can enormously advance FIN’s equipment level and production capacity and can effectively meet the quick increasing demand from both domestic and foreign markets. At that time, FIN will be one scalable and competitive brand as an international supplier of complete set of CNC machines used in steel construction industry.

    Strategy and future of FIN

    Even FIN’s journey is still very long, keeping the spirit “Be dedicated to Everything, We Do; Be sincere and Trustworthy, Our Long Principle” and abiding the strategy of emphasizing to develop distinctive main products, timely and reasonably extend the longitudinal and transverse development, self-innovating and international cooperating coexists, strengthen the human resource, FIN will regulate the developing direction and take more energy focus on improving its competence and long-lasting development capacity, and then make itself to be a well-known CNC complete set machine manufacturer in the international steel construction industry.

    Holding the idea that employee, client, society and investor are the “four shareholders” of FIN, Fin will always stands on principle as it always did : Be kind to every employee, FIN will supply staff with material and spiritual conditions which are much better than craft brother’s. Through offering good machines and services, FIN will constantly help clients to create new value; FIN will repay the society and contribute to the motherland and create rich return.
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