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  2.   Shandong Sheng Yue Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd


    Good faith pre-sales consulting services

    * honest about the properties of Sheng Yue injection molding machine and related conditions, honest introduction office scope of work and other circumstances need to explain;

    * honest answer all questions, the customer to seek truth from facts, be the same outside and inside;

    * for the user to give advice and suggestions to improve the injection molding machine, the utility value and efficiency.

    Professional and thoughtful customer service service

    * the training and use of injection molding machine by the office service engineer guidance, resolutely to operate far;

    * performance, characteristics, patient and careful to the relevant staff to explain in injection molding machine operating procedures and matters needing attention;

    * all in accordance with user requirements, and debugging, client debug table to sign in the test, technical guidance personnel can leave.

    Regular visits

    Our customer service staff will conduct regular visits to customers, to include maintenance and maintenance of the machine, all kinds of difficult problems to answer customers on the machine used in the process of customer feedback to the company and to the use of the machine opinions and suggestions.

    Telephone service

    * the company headquarters and offices are equipped with customer service hotline, whenever your machine problems, just a phone call, we will be the first time for you to provide convenient and timely customer service service.

    Two years long repair service

    * those who buy Sheng Yue injection molding machine users, we will provide you with the long years of repair service.

    Strict and perfect service quality management

    * our company has a complete range of product warehouse, resolutely safeguard the timely replacement parts

    Need repair

    * company professional regular telephone follow-up visit, understand the machine usage;

    * the company established a comprehensive customer files, a detailed understanding of your needs, timely service;

    * if the user improper operation, causing the machine does not work, and has the dispute, the company take the first maintenance and repair of the machine, to solve the dispute, the user supreme principle.

    Company: Shandong Sheng Yue Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd
    Tel: 086- 0634-8860668
    Fax: 086- 0634-8860266
    E-Mail: shichangbu@sdsenvo.com
    ADD: Shandong province Laiwu City High-tech Zone Panlong Street No. 15

    The company has perfect information management system, start the implementation of ERP, CRM, PDM, OA project, with modern computer technology, network communication technology, the information technology as the basis, in order to strengthen supply chain management as the core, fully embodies the concurrent engineering, agile manufacturing and lean production theory, the internal and external aspects of the resources reasonable allocate, quantitative management, optimize use, so that enterprises in the fierce competition in the market continue to strengthen supply chain management, comprehensive use of energy, leap of resilience and competitiveness of enterprise. The Sheng Yue brand with international standards.

    The company has a first-class technology, knowledge is changed, specialization, younger management team and marketing elite. One of the specialist personnel 50%, senior engineer 30 people, 45 senior technicians, with strong capital investment in the company, to ensure that the company high starting point, high standard of running.

    Company to pursue "people-oriented, refine on, innovation, harmony and win-win" the purpose, commitment to create more value for customers, provide a more perfect sales network and service system.

    The company has reason to believe that " victory mountain" brand in the root growth on both sides of the Changjiang river!

    Sheng Yue injection molding machine will become the industry leader!

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       Telephone:086-0634-8860668   Fax:086-0634-8860266  E_Mail:shichangbu@sdsenvo.com   

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