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  2.   Weifang Xinchengda machinery limited company
    Company: Weifang Xinchengda machinery limited company
    Mobi: 13573460991
    Tel: 086- 0534-2667072
    Fax: 086- 0534-2667072
    E-Mail: hbhaihe@163.com
    ADD: Weicheng Economic Development Zone Industrial Street
    About Us
    Shandong Weifang Xinchengda Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Weifang Power Factory) has a long history of over 50 years of machinery manufacturing and experienced large-scale industrial restructuring, specializing in the production of 195-type, 4E135-type, three thousand horsepower diesel engine and other power machinery, converted to produce light machinery in early eighties till now. Over the years, the company continued to introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technologies, independently developed complete glass machinery, plastic machinery, and environmental machinery and sent personnel to the United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc. for project investigation, negotiation and technical training. In glass machinery, the company has successfully introduced the contemporary advanced glass forehearth and feeder design and manufacturing technologies and developed complete glass containers and glassware press equipment to form a one-stop production, support and services. Its QD8 type I.S. machine, as the initiative in China, has been awarded the National New Product Award; its double-dropping I.S. machine has achieved the electronic timing control, electronic dial bottles, servo sub-material “Three in One”, reaching the advanced level of similar products in China; its heating automatic control forehearth has been improved; more than 30 products has been granted the national, provincial or ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards, and New Product Award; more than 20 products have filled the blanks in China. The products are well marketed all over the country and exported to the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. In agricultural machinery, the company professionally produces for Foton agricultural machinery supporting products, such as CVT gear series for large harvesting machinery and side cover, pulldown rod, cylinder bracket, hook, etc. for horsepower tractors. Meanwhile, it provides complete products and components with other domestic large enterprises in steel &iron, plastic machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery and stone processing and jointly develops cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil, leveling, shearing automatic production lines suitable for sheet metal production and processing. The hollow plastic board products are widely used in household appliances, packaging, decoration, glass and other industries.
    In 2005, the Company completed the “in park rather than city”, which means move to the new area to enjoy more wide development. In addition to enhance the existing products in development capabilities and equipment transformation, the company intends to seek domestic and international     business cooperation,carrying out various projects  by joint venture or wholly-owned business.
         Welcome to visit us for guidance. We are your sincere partners.
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       Telephone:086-0534-2667072   Fax:086-0534-2667072  E_Mail:hbhaihe@163.com   

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